HI-BANQ Terms of Service

This agreement is a system related to settlement of Hi-BANQ (hereinafter referred to as “Hi-BANQ system”) managed and operated by Asia Agent Co. Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and stipulated in Article 1. The conditions for using this service are specified. Before using the Hi-BANQ system, please be sure to read this agreement. By using the Hi-BANQ system, we agree to this agreement.

Article 1 Definition

In this agreement, the following terms shall respectively have the following meanings.

  • (1) “HI-BANQ” refers to the payment system provided by the Company.
  • (2) “HI-BANQ Agency” refers to a corporation or individual business owner who provides a means of settlement via “HI-BANQ” with permission from the Company.
  • (3) “HI-BANQ merchant” refers to a corporation or individual business owner who has entered into a HI-BANQ member store contract with us and has introduced the “HI-BANQ system” as a method of payment.
  • (4) “Customer” refers to a person who has an account on “HI-BANQ Operation Site” and deposits to HI-BANQ merchant using “HI-BANQ Agency” as a method of payment.
  • (5) “HI-BANQ system” refers to after paying “money” possessed by “customer” to “HI-BANQ merchant” at the time of payment to “HI-BANQ agency” “clearing account information” is processed so that charges to “HI-BANQ merchant” can be performed in a predetermined procedure, which refers to the system that we manage and operate.

Article 2 Scope of this Terms

Those who hold Hi-BANQ accounts shall comply with these Terms.

Article 3 Provision of deposit service to HI-BANQ merchant

  • 1. We provide customers with payment services prepared under contract with “HI-BANQ agency”.
    • Ⅰ. Deposit / withdraw using a financial institution account provided by “HI-BANQ agency”
    • Ⅱ. Deposit / withdraw from the virtual currency Wallet provided by “HI-BANQ agency”
    • Ⅲ. Credit card payment provided by “HI-BANQ agency”
    • Ⅳ. Various electronic money (E-money) provided by “HI-BANQ agency”
  • 2. The “customer” shall comply with the terms of use of the payment service provided by the “HI-BANQ agency” shall be determined on the website, in addition to this agreement and the special contract accompanying this agreement.
  • 3. Certain services may not be offered due to circumstances of the resident state of “HI-BANQ agency”, fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, and due to business convenience of “HI-BANQ agency”. Moreover, our company and “HI-BANQ agency”, do not assume any responsibility for the damage and loss caused by the fact that certain services are not provided.

Article 4 Types and terms of use of HI-BANQ merchant

  • 1. In order to provide means of settlement to “HI-BANQ merchant”, HI-BANQ may have individual terms of use for each “HI-BANQ merchant”. In that case, the presence or absence of expiration date after settlement to “HI-BANQ merchant”, conditions of available balance, balance, refund shall be in accordance with the conditions and the special agreement stipulated by “HI-BANQ merchant”.
  • 2. Hi-BANQ may notify you, when there is a possibility that the use of Hi-BANQ of “customer” may have a big impact on the conditions and the special contract specified by “Hi-BANQ merchant”.

Article 5 HI-BANQ merchant payment, charges, and usage

  • 1. Customers can use “HI-BANQ merchant” for payment, charges, or pay out via “HI-BANQ agency”.
  • 2. Depending on “HI-BANQ Agency”, the settlement, charges, available payout medium differs.
  • 3. In the event that the method of using the payment method provided by “HI-BANQ Agency” is changed or stopped, “Customer” shall comply with “HI-BANQ Agency” or HI-BANQ announcement agreement. In addition, we do not assume any responsibility for any loss on payments which “Customer” is found to be negligent.

Article 6 Transactions by Customers

  • 1. The Company shall conduct transactions between “customer” and “HI-BANQ merchant” · “HI-BANQ agency” at the customer’s responsibility and expense, and the Company shall not be responsible at all cost.
  • 2. Our company is basically not a person who represents “Hi-BANQ merchant” · “Hi-BANQ agency”.

Article 7 About Accounts

  • 1. In order to use Hi-BANQ, it is necessary to hold our company account (hereinafter referred to as “account”), and we ask “customer” some personal information of “customer” for creating an account.
  • 2. The account is used to provide for smooth service of “HI-BANQ system” · “HI-BANQ merchant” · “HI-BANQ agency”.
  • 3. We will prohibit criminal acts and misconduct to “Hi-BANQ merchant” and “Hi-BANQ agency” by using account.
  • 4. If the account is used in criminal acts, misbehavior, violation of the rules, suspicious behavior that may correspond to the above, we can exercise freezing of the relevant account and restrict the use. We are not responsible for any damage to “customer” caused by the freezing an account.
  • 5. We will prohibit holding or creating multiple accounts.
  • 6. For deleting or deactivation of membership account, please contact us via e-mail.
  • 7. We will not assume any responsibility for damage caused by temporary restrictions on the use of accounts due to maintenance, etc., of “Hi-BANQ system” · “Hi-BANQ merchant” · “Hi-BANQ agency”.

Article 8 Management of HI-BANQ

  • 1. When using “HI-BANQ”, “Customers” must follow the laws of each country in which you created your account and use its service appropriately.
  • 2. We shall not bear any responsibility for damages caused by leakage of account information due to negligence such as insufficient management of “customer”.

Article 9 Exclusion of Antisocial Forces

  • 1. The customer shall promise and declare to the Company that it currently does not and will not in the future fall under any of the following statement.
    • Ⅰ. Gangsters, mobsters, syndicate member.
    • Ⅱ. Associated to any organized crime groups.
    • Ⅲ. Employees of companies involved in organized crime groups, as well as stakeholders.
    • Ⅳ. Racketeers, extortionists, or scammers.
    • Ⅴ. Involved in social movements or holds a public position etc.
    • Ⅵ. Co-exists in any of the preceding items.
    • Ⅶ. Otherwise, directly or indirectly coincides with any of the preceding items.
  • 2. The customer shall not conduct any act that falls under any of the following items by himself or by a third party.
    • Ⅰ. A violent act of demand.
    • Ⅱ. An unfair act of demand beyond the legal responsibility.
    • Ⅲ. Conduct threatening actions concerning transactions or acts of using violence.
    • Ⅳ. Acts of disseminating rumors or gossips, disregarding and damaging our credibility using scheme or power interfering with our business and company.
    • Ⅴ. Other acts pursuant to the preceding items.
  • 3. If the Company determines that the customer violates the matters specified in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article, or if the Company determines that there is a possibility that it may be in violation, we will immediately stop the customer from using HI-BANQ without giving any prior notice. In addition, we will have the right to charge customers for compensation such as loss, damage, expenses etc. incurred to us by this actions.

Article 10 Disclaimers

  • 1. In the event that the account held by the customer falls under any of the following or there is a risk that it is applicable, the Company will has all the right to refuse the use of HI-BANQ by the customer at the judgment of our company. HI-BANQ may suspend or freeze the customer’s use of the services.
    • Ⅰ. When you use an account by acquiring an account through an unauthorized means or a method not recommended by the Company, or knowing that it is an account acquired by illegal means.
    • Ⅱ. In the case that an identity card etc. at the time of account creation is falsified, forged or altered.
    • Ⅲ. When the Company determines that the customer conducts an act corresponding to money laundering or an act similar to these.
    • Ⅳ. When the customer violates these terms.
    • Ⅴ. When a request or order is received from the police, court or other administrative agency.
    • Ⅵ. In addition to the above, in cases where the Company deem it inappropriate.
  • 2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the transaction history to “HI-BANQ merchant” and “HI-BANQ agency” via HI-BANQ where the use was stopped and lapsed, we will not bear any responsibility for damages caused to you by customers and transaction history that has been revoked and shall not compensate any customers for any such damages. The same shall apply when a third party uses Hi-BANQ owned by the customer.

Article 11 Compensation for Damages

  • 1. In the event that the customer suffer damage due to reasons attributable to the Company’s responsibility, the scope of the Company’s liability for damages shall be limited to the scope of use of the HI-BANQ account held by the customer at the time the event occurred, we shall not be liable for damages regardless of foreseeability with respect to the damage, extraordinary damage and lost profit. However, this does not apply if there is deliberate or serious negligence on our company.
  • 2. In the event that the customer breach these Terms, and damage the Company, “Hi-BANQ merchant”, “Hi-BANQ Agency” or any other customer or any other third party, the customer will compensate for the damages immediately.

Article 12 Modifications to these Terms and Conditions

  • 1. The Company shall be able to modify these Terms by announcing it for a certain period of time on our website.
  • 2. The changes in the preceding paragraph shall come into effect on the revised date and shall be deemed to have been agreed upon when you use the Hi-BANQ system.

Revision date: May 1, 2017

Company Profile: ASIA GATE LIMITED

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